Waste Transportation & Disposal

MAES offers comprehensive waste disposal services.  From sampling, to profiling, to containerizing, manifesting, labeling, and transportation and disposal MAES has the experience, permits, equipment, knowledge, and skill to make this costly expense less painful and regulatory compliant.

In 2009 MiD-America Waste Solutions (MAWS) was formed.  It started with a few single straight tankers and a single semi-tractor but now has since grown into a fleet of FRP tankers for waste and new acid hauling, roll-off services (both single and double rail), straight tanks, vacuum tankers, water tight sludge boxes, dry vans, lift-gate units, etc.

MAWS has quickly become a premier and preferred transporter for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes in the Midwest.  When you hire MAES or MAWS companies for your waste disposal and handling needs you can count on us being on time, our equipment being clean and in good repair, and that we will only operate safely, compliantly, and in your best interest.  Our paperwork and permits will be in order and we will make sure that yours are as well.  MAWS has become a preferred hauler for most of the Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities in the Midwest and our customers are our greatest advertisement.

Because of MAES staff of waste disposal professionals and MAWS professional drivers, customers time and again utilize our services and refer us to others in their industries.  In the days when waste broker seems to have become a four letter word, and customers have trended toward dealing directly with the facility, our customers are coming to us to act as brokers or assist them with their waste management in order to always have options.  Our philosophy is, “Always have a valid Plan B.”

Interested in getting some disposal and transportation pricing for your project or process?  Call us at 800-736-3590 or email us at kwhitley@littcom.comgsjomeling@littcom.com or shenderson@littcom.com.